Wednesday, May 28, 2008


=[ I've committed a horrible sin.

Yes my friends, I did not include my sister in my alphabet. (Gasp!)

So I've been condemned to write a whole post about her. haha.

10 Things I love about my sister:
(If I'm overdoing this list thing, just let me know)

1. Well, for starters she's my sister and I get to live in the same house with her. That's cool. =]

2. She's great fun to annoy. hehe.

3. It's nice to have someone to be silly with on a daily basis.

4. Joycelyn can be hilariously witty! =]

5. Having a sibling is probably a huge factor in the person I am. (I'm not sure it's been good or bad) Haha. Just kidding. =]

6. Joycelyn plays the violin. And although she chooses to torture my dog and I when she's practicing, when she really tries, she's an excellent violinist. (Always room for improvement though!)

7. Memories are not half as fun if you don't have someone to share them with!

8. Well, she's just herself and I wouldn't trade her for any other sister. =]

9. How long must I sing your praises!?

10. In short, I love my sister and I can't imagine life without her. =]

There, will you forgive your mean old brother?

=] Love you Joycelyn. =]

Tuesday, May 27, 2008

2007-2008 Alphabetized

I found I had more to say than 10 things so I'll try for an Alphabet. =]

A - Annabelle - My lovely, lovely piano who (like me) is quite talkative at the moment (her dampers don't come down quite like they're supposed to so she tends to be long winded whenever I give her something to sing). I think I can safely say that Annabelle is an amazing piano.

B - Buhler - Mr. Buhler is an awesome teacher. He's crazy, but he's awesome. I think I've praised him before in another post, but for this one I shall say that FAT year would not have been as funny/silly/thought provoking/and interesting if not for him.

C - Christian Bearup - Always towering over us and making me laugh and talking about movies and generally being an all around great guy. I am very very very glad of your friendship.

D - Dante - Is definitely going to be a huge favorite of mine. (Going through Purgatory now) =] (Gasp!)

E - Edwards - I need to re-read a Divine and Supernatural light. In fact, I need to re-read the whole Foundations curriculum! I don't think I'll ever understand them completely. I don't think we even read them completely!

F - Foundations - I've often wondered about the structure of the Three TA classes. Why are they put in that order? Inklings, Foundations, Faith. Hmmm. From Inklings to Faith. Someone should write a memoir. =]

G - Gabriel - Is a name an inseperable part of a person? Would a person still be that person if they had a different name?

H - Hobbes - AHHHHHHHH!!! (H could also stand for um let's see...HERESY!) But it's okay Hobbes, at least you can pull some weight against Calvin in Faith.

I - Independence - That and Freedom. They are way more complex than I ever imagined. We're just a few wrong words form being a nation of rebels.

J - John Locke - I like Locke; in fact, Locke could possibly be my favorite political text of the year, after Tocqueville, of course, but then that defeats the purpose of saying that Locke was my favorite in the first place; oh well, I guess I should find something else to say about him; I think his views on property were quite ingenious, the way he gets us from the State of Nature to having the right of owning things, mixing ones labor, man, what a genius; in conclusion, Locke makes me think of a long long long car ride with no bathroom breaks, in fact, I'd tell my mother, "Just one more sentence" instead of "Just one more paragraph"; I think I over did that a bit. =]

K - KUSC - Last classical radio station in SoCal. If you listen, go support. I cannot imagine losing this station to pop.

L - Learning - A supreme joy.

M - Montesquieu - 20 years! A third of his life! "If anyone worked as hard as I did, he would have done better." I really want to be able to say this. haha.

N - Nelsons - A lovely, lovely clan. Charming and very sweet except when they decide to take advantage of my gullibility. Jessie, Katie, Kevin, and Mrs. Nelson. I am very glad I had so many study hall sessions. =]

O - Oh, Emily - We have very much in common. Insecurity, enthusiasm, indecision, love of food, many questions, borderline neurotic Asian drive to excel, etc. Yay for being able to talk more next year! It is a priviledge to know you. =]

P - Peterson, Danielle - Wonderful, Artistic, funny, undeniably intelligent, lover of chocolate, wholly herself. I think I win the title of supreme procrastinator of emails. =] I can't think of many other people I'd rather talk to than you. Hope to see you soon friend!

Q - Questions- "Further up and Further in!"

R - Rachmaninoff or the Reynolds - I can't decide! They're both so absolutely amazing. Really! Mary Kate and L.D. and Jane and Ian and Dr. Reynolds and Mrs. Reynolds. If they were characters in a book it would be my favorite on in the world. But they're not, (Aren't we glad they're not!) they are too good for words. =] Very Rachmaninoff - ish.

S - Shakespeare - With Mr. Bartel! The greatest playwright and a highly intelligent poet. I am very happy I get to take this class next year. =]

T - Thoreau - Had his suits laundered twice a week. Turns out he lived only about a mile from town. Isolation my foot. =] Civil Disobedience. Good idea.

U - Unworthy - Jesus spoils me. (not enough smilely faces in the world).

V - Vision - Can we trust memory? (you can tell I'm starting to run out of things, problem is the moment I hit "publish post" I'm gonna think of something)

W - Wheatstone - Enough Said.

X - X-Files - Our Foundations class should be writers on that show. We had Wyoming seceeding from the union on the count of not being able to wear big hats. That and Iran managed to seperate the state and invaded it. In mid-air. Don't ask.

Y - Yes? - I seem to be saying that alot these days.

Z - I need to get some of these. =]

Monday, May 26, 2008

The year I became FAT

Since I won't get to attend the last week of TA because of Economics. Thursday was my last day of Foundations. =[ It's been a lovely/funny/weird/growing pains/happy/beautiful/absolutely amazing year. The books had a reputation of being dry, but come on, who doesn't love Tocqueville? =] I'm horrible with actually expressing myself through words so I shall spare everyone and keep myself to a few words. I present to you: 10 Things I learned this Year.

1. My friends are absolutely, positively, incredibly, undeniably, quite simply, some of the most wonderful people I've ever met.

2. Humility truly is "endless". (I make no claims as to my attainment of this virtue, only a claim to strive for such a goal)

3. The teenager can deprieve himself of many, many, many hours of sleep...and still function. Haha (Don't push this one).

4. God, Family, Friends, Ideas, Books, Music. I want to be near all of these for the rest of my life. (As to how they're all going to fit in, I'm pretty sure that if I keep things in proper relation to each other, it'll turn out fine.)

5. The struggle against self will be a life-long battle. However, by the Grace of God...etc.

6. Thank God I get to go to Torrey Honors. =] =] =] =] =] =] =] (Yes, that really does need 7 smiles and many, many more)

7. All good things will become corrupted and evil when set up as an idol.

8. I am (mostly) a prideful, arrogant, obnoxious, stupid and sinful creature. (Have I covered them all?)

9. God likes to rehabilitate such people. In fact, He loves them, hard to believe as it is. How incredibly powerful is the Love which sacrifices all for the beloved. How wonderful, how beautiful.

10. Faith is going to be an awesome, awesome year. =]

There you are. 10 things I learned this year. They're certainly (I hope!) not everything I learned, but they are what come to mind at the moment. =]

Goodnight, goodyear.

Sunday, May 18, 2008


After a good ole lesson I'm now working on different pieces. =]

Bach: Italian Concerto, 3rd Movement
Beethoven: Tempest Sonata
Rachmaninoff: Moment Musicaux no. 4
Chopin: Op. 10 No. 3
Dohnanyi: Four Rhapsodies, No. 3

Still gonna be a ton of work. =\
Prayers are very much appreciated. =]

Hope everyone is well.

Monday, May 5, 2008

What the Choo's said...

Sister: "Hey Gabriel, who's Beet-rice?
Gabriel: "*looks at sister - looks at book she's holding - Dante*
Gabriel: "Sigh...Beatrice, Joycelyn, Beatrice!"
Sister: "...oh...I thought it was some sort of dish..."
Gabriel: "Nevermind..."

Mom: "Don't make Gabriel laugh or else he won't be able to see!" *At which point my eyes get really really squinty from smiling*

Oooh, funny story:

About a year or two ago, my mother and I went to see a play (Cyrano de Bergerac, terrible production, good play). Now I'm not sure if it was the lighting or something, but this is what happened.

Guy sitting next to us: "Hey can we switch places with your girlfriend?"
Me: *mouth open...look around slowly to see if any young woman is sitting next to me...see Mom*

Yeah...that made my Mom's haha.

Okay, late goodnight. =]