Wednesday, February 24, 2010

What Does it Mean to Live Intentionally?

I was looking through some old bubbs emails and came across this:

In thinking over this question[What does it mean to live intentionally], I was motivated to re-examine why I follow Christ. Now I'm not completely done with this yet (Both as for now and perpetually, as we should never stop examining why we follow Him), but for the sake of a great disscussion, I encourage you all to crack open our old Inkling texts to "The Weight of Glory", the "Practical Romance" of "Orthodoxy" and "Burnt Norton" from "The Four Quartets". But just to start us off, I think the reason we follow Christ and why it's not futile is because there is an undeniable desire for him that was built-in to us. It also has to do with the idea of a "Practical Romance" (I know, I know, it's that pesky term that we all spent two weeks banging our heads over) something that is at once familiar and comfortable yet exciting and ultimately fulfilling. Just some appetizers to chew on. As Lewis says, "Further Up and Further In!"